3rd generation steel is ready for customer trials

With promises of higher performance and greater production efficiency, the hype around the term 3rd Generation steel has been building up. Now, Docol® automotive steel is introducing 3rd Generation steel products, ready for customer trials. Here is what you need to know about these new steels and how to get onboard early.

Docol® 3rd Generation steel has arrived

Metal coated Docol® 600 DH-GI and 800 DH-GI are two of the steel grades now available from SSAB for trials – and more are on the way. They are trip assisted dual-phase steels that can be utilized in applications where an improved formability is requested compared to conventional dual-phase steel grades with the same tensile strength level.


Docol 3rd generation steel

Usability is key

The main thing that sets 3rd Generation steel apart from other established steel grades comes down to usability. These new steel grades provide an excellent combination of strength, ductility and usability.

The term usability refers to everything from, uniform properties, good weldability, corrosion resistance and resistance towards hydrogen embrittlement as well as liquid metal embrittlement.

In addition, 3rd Generation steel has been developed to be cold formable. This makes them useable with conventional equipment – boosting cost-efficiency by being easier to produce parts from.

They could be a game changer for structural components in the body-in-white by offering the possibility for improved strength to weight ratios as well as simpler production.

Get onboard with trials

If you are interested in exploring 3rd Generation steel further, SSAB is now looking for customers to participate in trials of these new steel grades. The automotive industry is changing rapidly and this is a good opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.

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