AAR TC 128 Grade B/AAR A516, Grade 70

The Association of American Railroads' Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices, Section C-III, Specification for Tank Cars identifies two grades suitable for the construction of railcar tanks. TC 128, Grade B is a high-strength carbon manganese steel while the AAR ASTM A516, Grade 70 is a carbon steel produced in accordance with the supplementary requirements of AAR Specifications for Tank Cars for use in tank car heads, shells, and sumps. Each grade must meet the requirements identified in Appendix M-1002 of the AAR Tank Car Manual.

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    Product Name Dimensions Datasheet
    AAR A516 Grade 70 T: 0.188 - 2.000 in
    L: 240 - 1020 in
    W: 60 - 120 in
    AAR TC-128 B T: 0.250 - 1.000 in
    L: 240 - 1020 in
    W: 60 - 120 in
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