Metal coated HSLA steels

SSAB Domex® - Metal coated HSLA steels

High yield strength and good formability

Metal coated SSAB Domex® HSLA steels are designed for demanding structural applications that require galvanic corrosion protection and good formability in relation to high strength.

Metal coated SSAB Domex® HSLA steels are designated according to their minimum guaranteed yield strength from 220 to 500 MPa. Most of these steel grades comply with EN10346:2015 standard and exceed the standard requirements by better formability and more consistent properties, which increase the productivity in workshop thanks to the stable forming result.  A low variation in mechanical properties makes them highly suitable for automated forming processes. 

Excellent combination of formability and strength can be utilized for example to increase the safety margin for overloading, to make more demanding forming without compromising load-bearing capacity or to decrease weight. In addition to normal zinc (Z), the offering contains Galfan (ZA) and Galvannealed (ZF) for enhanced level of corrosion protection.  Galvanic corrosion protection of zinc-based coating ensures the long service life for the framework components, which is required by big installations like solar power plants or silos.