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Lighter walls carry more

July 03, 2019 6 min read

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Industry Trailers and body builders

By removing stiffeners and using the high load and lifetime performance of Hardox® 450, the weight of the tipper body could be reduced by 50%. This, in turn, increases the load capacity of the truck, reducing fuel consumption and emissions per ton transported, which is even more important in city traffic, where this truck is operating.

Case details

Industry Trailers and body builders

SSAB EcoUpgraded

Together with our customers, SSAB continually upgrades steel and equipment designs. SSAB EcoUpgraded saves CO2 both in steel production and during the full lifetime of the machine.

From the CO2 payback time and onwards, every extra hour brings additional savings.

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Savings on CO₂

EcoUpgraded Heavy duty tipper
  Calculation data
Fuel consumption, fully loaded 230 litres/100 km
Fuel consumption, without load 60 litres/100 km
Machine usage per year 22 000 km/year
Distance with maximum load 50 %
Service lifetime 5 years
Maximum payload (before upgrading) 52 000 kg
Gross weight (fully loaded) 69 000 kg
Weight of original parts 3 000 kg
Weight of upgraded parts 1 500 kg