Strenx para remolques Arados de alta resistencia de AGRO-MASZ


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Heavy-duty plows from AGRO-MASZ

AGRO-MASZ from Poland has been producing agricultural machinery since 2004. The company offers a variety of plows, cultivators, seeders and spreaders. AGRO-MASZ focuses on innovative technologies and sourcing the highest quality raw materials for the production of agricultural machinery. The company is expanding rapidly, with annual increases in both production and employment figures. It aims to offer the best to a demanding market by using only the highest quality products from reputable suppliers. Hence the close cooperation between SSAB and AGRO-MASZ.

“It’s SSAB products that enable the manufacture of stronger and lighter constructions while maintaining all the required parameters. Thus, as a producer, we can use less raw material, but above all, the customer gets a lighter product that allows them to keep costs down through everyday usage. This is made possible through the use of Strenx® 700 MC steel in the complex supporting structures of our equipment,” says Paweł Nowak, President of AGRO-MASZ.

AGRO-MASZ continually strives to improve the quality of its products and systematically implements the production of new types of equipment in order to offer farmers the most comprehensive product range. It also opts for solutions based on the precision machining of steel, which allow the manufacture of durable products that meet the quality requirements of customers. The material used in the manufacture of the plows is Strenx® 700 MC, a high-strength, hot-rolled structural steel made for cold forming, with a minimum yield strength of 700 MPa intended for stronger and lighter structures. Typical applications include a wide range of components and parts in demanding load-bearing structures.

AGRO-MASZ is the fifth Polish company to join SSAB’s My Inner Strenx® program, which aims to optimize the partnership between the steel manufacturer and its customer in order to help them make the best possible use of Strenx® in their products.