pdf 1,08 Mb
TechSupport #65: Upgrading from Hardox® 450 to Hardox® 500 Tuf
pdf 799 Kb
Hardox® 400 Round bar turning recommendations
pdf 255 Kb
Hardox® 400 Round bar band sawing recommendations
pdf 8,22 Mb
Hardox® wear plate – The Beast
pdf 1,09 Mb
TechSupport #55: Upgrading from Hardox® 400 to Hardox® 450
pdf 2,0 Mb
Hardox® 500 Tuf for recycling containers
pdf 269 Kb
The Workshop properties for Hardox® 400 round bar
pdf 4,29 Mb
Hardox® in My Body - The Sign of Quality
pdf 2,12 Mb
Hardox® 500 Tuf for tipper bodies
pdf 1,94 Mb
Hardox® 500 Tuf for buckets
pdf 2,63 Mb
Hardox® HiTemp can take the heat
pdf 1,38 Mb
Hardox® Onsite - Road building
pdf 1,37 Mb
Hardox® Onsite - Recyling
pdf 15,93 Mb
Hardox® Onsite - Quarry & open pit mining
pdf 674 Kb
Hardox® Onsite - Underground mine
pdf 4,89 Mb
Hardox® Onsite - Cement
pdf 3,11 Mb
Hardox® guarantees
pdf 6,99 Mb
Welding of Hardox®
pdf 243 Kb
Product program Hardox®/Strenx®/Toolox® metric
pdf 337 Kb
Bending of high strength steel - Strenx®, Hardox®
pdf 987 Kb
TechSupport #29: Welding of cutting edge to bucket/ adapters to cutting edge - Hardox®
pdf 31,43 Mb
Hardox Wearparts® your one stop wear shop
pdf 2,4 Mb
Product and delivery information Oxelösund
pdf 2,47 Mb
Hardox® pipes and tubes - the inside story
pdf 3,72 Mb
Hardox round bars for rod mills
pdf 4,81 Mb
Hardox® 400 round bars - The shape of excellence
pdf 1,2 Mb
Hardox® HiAce for acid environments
pdf 1,19 Mb
Hardox® HiAce fights acidic wear in waste collection
pdf 1,37 Mb
Hardox® HiAce fights acidic wear in pulp, paper and saw mills
pdf 1,11 Mb
Hardox® HiAce fights corrosive wear in tipper bodies
pdf 1,05 Mb
Kelly Attachments relies on Hardox® round bars for quick couplers
pdf 245 Kb
SSAB AR 500 Round bar
pdf 2,66 Mb
Machining recommendations for Hardox®
pdf 7,45 Mb
Cutting Hardox® wear plate
pdf 1,25 Mb
Consumables for the welding of Hardox®, Strenx®, Toolox® and Armox®