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5 myths and 5 truths about advanced high-strength steel

We’d like to debunk some of the top myths and highlight the benefits of advanced high-strength steel.
Docol myths and truths

Myth: Advanced high-strength steel grades are difficult to cut

Truth: With the right tooling parameters and tool steel with sufficient hardness, ductility and wear resistance, you can obtain the sharpness needed for clean edge-cuts. And adjusting the clearance appropriately based on strength and thickness will reduce burr height. 
Docol myths and truths

Myth: Advanced high-strength steel grades are difficult to shape

Truth: Harder than mild steel, that’s true. But if the designer has advanced high-strength steel in mind when designing a new car, modern steel grades can be formed into quite advanced products. Most important is calculating with the springback and the lower deep drawing capacity when using advanced high-strength steel. This means that the tools must bend the plate a bit more compared to mild steel. But when the angle is correct, the final product has all the advantages that come with the better steel, like lower weight, increased strength or both.
Docol myths and truths

Myth: You can't protect advanced high-strength steel from rust

Truth: When on the road, a vehicle is exposed to a very aggressive environment. Winter conditions can be awful, with a mix of salt, sand and grit covering the bottom of the car. This used to be a big problem, but not anymore. By extensive use of hot dip or electrogalvanizing techniques, advanced high-strength steel can be delivered with different protective layers that efficiently prevent corrosion.
Docol myths and truths

Myth: Joining and welding are complicated

Truth: It is just as easy to weld advanced high-strength steel as mild steel grades. In some cases, it can be wise to consider welding in other areas, but in general traditional spot welding and laser welding make very good methods for joining these kinds of steel grades. The welding parameters will require only minor adjustments. Compared with steel parts made by hot stamping, the process window for welding is wider when you use cold formable high-strength steel.
Docol myths and truths

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