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Product offer and datasheets Forestry equipment manufacturer Kesla harvests better profitability with Strenx® steel


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Forestry equipment manufacturer Kesla harvests better profitability with Strenx® steel

Long-standing SSAB customer and My Inner Strenx® member Kesla relies on Strenx® performance steel when it comes to ease of fabrication, high performance and a good equipment resale value for its forestry equipment and attachments.

With its roots in agricultural equipment manufacturing, Kesla has been a family-run business for 60 years. The Finnish company manufactures integrated material handling equipment, including mobile and stationary cranes, tractor loaders, forestry cranes, chippers, grapples and harvester heads. The company exports its products to more than 30 countries.


Upgrade to strong yet light Strenx® 700 series brings concrete benefits

Most of Kesla’s products are built using sheet steel. Kesla has long used Rautaruukki’s domestic steel products, and its partnership with SSAB continued following the merger of Ruukki with SSAB. 

“The quality of the steel is a key factor for our clients, who expect our products to withstand significant loads, constant use and extreme weather conditions,” says Miia Tirkkonen, marketing specialist at Kesla. 

Basically this means that most of Kesla’s products are today made of Strenx® 700 MC Plus, which the company switched to from a lower steel grade a few years ago.

According to the company, the new material has introduced tangible benefits. The sheet can be processed more accurately in production, since the same sheet can be used to produce not only crane beams but also several smaller crane components. Thanks to the precise measurements of the sheets, the product can be used more efficiently while eliminating the number of faulty pieces.

Another benefit of the Strenx® 700 series is its high malleability. Besides, Strenx® 700MC Plus is made of extremely clean steel which gives the material excellent forming properties and high toughness, that results in high cracking resistance. The minimum bending radius of Strenx® 700 MC Plus is a third smaller compared to the minimum radius of the steel that Kesla used before. As the material is made of extremely clean steel and has a very good surface, it is also easy to weld, cut, and coat.

Thanks to the versatility of the Strenx® 700 MC Plus, the factory was able to halve the amount of sheet products, which facilitates production planning and material management.

Strenx steel timber trailer

Innovative crane design for extreme durability

Crane design often involves a compromise between weight and durability. Strenx® 700 MC Plus made it possible to design a lighter crane without compromising its durability. The material can withstand temperatures as low as 60 degrees below zero – making the product usable even in locations like Siberia.

These days, Kesla’s customers get to enjoy an even better product even though the old products performed well, too. Such products are still in active use, in some cases logging up thousands of hours of operation, subjecting the crane structures to significant stress over time. Thanks to high-quality materials and craftsmanship, Kesla’s forestry equipment also boasts a good resale value.


Certified My Inner Strenx® products for undisputed quality and higher resale values

Kesla is a member of the popular My Inner Strenx® program for manufacturers that care about quality as well as their bottom line. The program provides an excellent way for companies to highlight quality products that feature premium quality steel, as well as manufacturing processes that meet the toughest requirements. It thus helps members differentiate their brand, increase their market presence and even get better resale values on their equipment.

“The My Inner Strenx sign signifies quality without any extra explanations needed,” Tirkkonen concludes.