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SSAB Strenx performance steel truck
SSAB Strenx performance steel logo
SSAB Strenx performance steel logo

Strenx® Think thinner, get stronger

Strenx® performance steel can make your products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable. We call it performance steel, because it adds performance beyond ordinary structural steel.
Strenx high strength steel

Superior structural steel properties

Strenx® steel has extremely consistent properties, ensuring precision and efficiency in the workshop

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Strenx high strength steel

Structural steel tailored to your needs

Gain access to engineering, prefabrication and logistics services to improve your business

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SSAB's top tips for designing with advanced high-strength steel

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SSAB's top tips for designing with advanced high-strength steel

How to design with advanced high-strength steel for stronger, lighter and safer steel solutions.

Think smart, and think ahead

Because plates made from advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) are less thick but subjected to higher stress levels than conventional steels, the use of this steel places an increased focus on design. The design can literally make — or break — the potential of a long-lasting product.

Modern technology makes it possible to develop new products in a shorter time. Computer-based tools have speeded the process from concept to finished product. Still, all simulations must be verified using the appropriate methods to ensure correct results.

Particularly important points to consider when using AHSS include:

  • Structural design
  • Choice of material
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Welding and other workshop techniques

Watch the video to learn more about steel design with AHSS

Get expert advice

For more in-depth assistance, our experts at the SSAB Knowledge Service Center can be consulted. Contact SSAB Tech Support as your first stop in discovering how to use AHSS in new designs.

Our experts will help you answer questions like these:

  • How do I upgrade or redesign an existing application?
  • How do I form, cut or join AHSS?
  • How can I better understand wear impact for wear-critical components and applications?

Steel Handbooks from SSAB help you learn

At SSAB, we're proud of our expertise in using modern steel grades, so we have distilled our knowledge into specially developed Handbooks packed full of facts and ideas to share with you.

We look forward to helping you with your design and engineering challenges!

SSAB's tips for designing with advanced high-strength steel

Strenx® - That's why we call it performance steel 

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