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Equipment surfaces that can withstand impact and abrasive or sliding wear are essential for the processes of extracting, moving, milling, tilling, and recycling. Using Hardox® wear parts and Duroxite® overlays, we can extend the wear service life of your equipment — sometimes by a factor of 2x to 4x.



Quarries are a big part of our business — and with good reason. We’re adept at handling aggressive abrasives on production-critical equipment, such as:

Excavator buckets and cutting edges  •  Liner kits for tippers/dumpers  •  Crusher liners/cheek plates  •  Screens/punch plates  •  Grizzly baskets and static grizzlies  •  Chutes: both liners and entire structures  •  Hoppers  •  Skips and bins  •  Cone, jaw, and gyratory crushers  •  Grinding wheels  •  Hammer mills  •  Ball mills  •  Screw conveyors  • Cyclones


Waste Management/Recycling

Waste management and recycling requires compacting and/or shredding items that were designed to resist their destruction. The ingenious equipment made to repurpose waste have, understandably, numerous parts that are vulnerable to impact and abrasive wear. Let us help extend the component life of your:

Low- and high-speed shredders; for example, 85 mm Hardox® hammers  • Crushers  •  Compactors  •  Trommel screens  •  Hammer mills  •  Screen drums  •  Shear shredders  •  Cyclones  •  Chute and hoppers  •  Scrap balers

cement plant

Cement & Concrete Plants

The crushing, grinding, and mixing that goes into production of cement and concrete is notoriously abrasive on the plant’s wear components. To address extreme wear situations, we can use a mix of Hardox® Wearparts and Duroxite® overlays for equipment such as:

Vertical roller mills (VRMs) components  •  Vertical shaft impact (VSI) parts  •  Lamella plates for apron conveyors  •  Chutes and hoppers  •  Planetary mixers: sides and bottom plates  •  Horizontal shaft mixers: liners, blades, and scrapers



A plough blade made from a Duroxite® overlay plate can, for example, last five times longer than a conventional boron steel blade. Another example is harrow discs in Hardox® 600 that can be made thinner and still last longer than discs made of boron steel. We can help you with:

Subsoilers  •  Chutes  •  Screw conveyors  •  Ploughs  •  Flop gates  •  Harrows  •  Tree harvesters



By lasting longer and keeping their top performance, our premium abrasion-resistant steels and overlays help reduce the time you spend maintaining equipment.

Backhoe/excavator buckets, other shovel attachments  •  Bulldozer blades  •  Ripper shanks  •  Tipper liners

Sea-based wind mill


Our Strenx® structural steel can be ideal for critical offshore infrastructures.

Auxiliary structures on oil & gas platforms

Your wear application not listed here?

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Trawl door


Trawl doors face high levels of sliding wear when dragged along the sea bed. Trawl doors made in Hardox® 500 have proven to reduce weight by 40%, while greatly increasing service life compared to mild steels.

Trawl doors (troll shutters) in Hardox® 500  •  Tooth bars (swords) and teeth in Hardox® 600