Hardox wearparts service center Stirling
Hardox wearparts service center Stirling

Hardox® Wearparts Centre Stirling

We produce Hardox® Wearparts, Duroxite® overlay components, and Strenx® structural assemblies used by heavy-duty industries requiring long-lasting solutions in rugged environments. Our upgrades and repairs – done either at our shop or your site – can offer significantly longer service life than the equipment they replace, with fast turnaround times.

Industries and solutions

We have extensive experience specifying the proper Hardox® wear grades and/or Duroxite® overlays for our customers’ unique operating conditions. For example:



From excavator buckets to crusher liners, we produce abrasion- and impact-resistant replacements that can extend service life by a factor of 2x or more.



Whether you’re recycling wood, waste, glass, or other materials, we’ll bring fresh solutions to your most vexing challenges: for example, 85 mm Hardox® 500 hammers for shredders.

cement plant

Cement and Concrete Plants

Notorious for its extreme sliding wear, we’re excited to offer Duroxite® overlay plates and hardfacing welding wire – in addition to our Hardox® wear plates – to keep your mix plants up and running longer.



We make abrasion- and impact-resistant components that go into rugged agricultural implements: for example, subsoiler replacement shanks and blades.



Excavator buckets, dozer blades, ripper shanks and tipper liners are just some of the construction equipment we can help make stronger, lighter, and longer lasting.

Sea-based wind mill


Critical offshore infrastructure is a natural for our Strenx® 700 performance structural steel.

Trawl door


Trawl doors in Hardox® 500 and tooth bars in Hardox® 600 have been made for years by our skilled metalworkers.

Your certified provider of world-class wear parts

The SSAB steel service center Stirling is a member of the Hardox® Wearparts network. Our technical resources and expertise in manufacturing wear parts of Hardox® wear plate has been thoroughly evaluated and approved according to Hardox® Wearparts' strict standards.

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Fabricating Hardox wear plate

Expert fabrication of Hardox® wear parts

Our experienced fabricators follow SSAB’s best practices for the cutting, bending, drilling, and welding of Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® structural steel, and Duroxite® overlays into wear parts.

About us

Hardox® Wearparts Centre Stirling is dedicated to helping our customers achieve higher productivity via extended service life for their critical wear components.

The team in Stirling