SSAB’s strategy to expand customer support is structured to meet the needs of the growing numbers of customers who specify high strength steels to make their products lighter, stronger and safer. As one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced high strength steels, SSAB Tunnplåt has accumulated extensive knowledge of high strength steels and how they are best employed in products and production. "The demand for our knowledge and our services is growing robustly," says Jan Kuoppa, head of the Knowledge Service Center at SSAB Tunnplåt. "The fact that we can offer knowledge of how steels should be used is important to an ever increasing number of users. Most of our customers will be using advanced high strength steels for more and more of their products, immediately improving their competitiveness. Our Knowledge Service Center is aimed at increasing their business effectiveness still further." It will also be easier for steel users to directly access the technical data they need through a web-based database under the Steelfacts service, at "The database will be continually updated with items of news and changes as they occur," continues Jan Kuoppa. "This will enable us to guarantee that users will always have up-to-date facts and will also provide them with the latest versions of the various analysis tools we have available. This will simplify the work of developing new products." Further information which can be accessed on the Internet includes material facts, data sheets, application descriptions, information on training and seminars, questions and answers, and a great deal more. "But the web service will not provide answers to all of the questions users may have," emphasises Jan Kuoppa. "Many users have more complex material selection and design questions for which more detailed support must be available on how high strength steel should be used, machined and worked. Support will then be available from our experts, both locally and at the Knowledge Service Center in Borlänge. This support may involve, for example, the choice of production method, selection of steel grade, tests that need to be carried out for a product, and conducting advanced analyses of entire structures." Our earlier Sheet Steel Forming Handbook and Sheet Steel Handbook have now been supplemented by the new Sheet Steel Joining Handbook. The emphasis of the Sheet Steel Joining Handbook is the material: the type of high strength steel that is suitable for a certain application and how the steel is best welded, bonded or joined mechanically. Caption: Advanced high strength steels provide designers with scope for creating new, pioneering and more creative designs. To facilitate the design work for customers, SSAB Tunnplåt is now opening its new Knowledge Service Center, where customers can quickly gain access to the knowledge necessary for putting to use all of the opportunities offered by the materials in all applications. The text and digital picture are available at This also includes further information on the Sheet Steel Joining Handbook. For additional information please contact: Cecilia Dalén Public Relations Manager SSAB Tunnplåt AB Marketing Communications Tel: +46 8 661 02 23 Mobile: +46 70 648 80 72 Fax: +46 8 661 03 05 E-mail: [email protected]