SSAB Corporate presentation 2016

SSAB’s roots reach back to the 19th century, but the branches are reaching out far into the future. Even though we’re proud of our history, our eyes are on the future and our intensive collaboration with stakeholders. And even though our core competence is embodied in our steels, we think it’s even more important to see our steels as part of customers’ solutions, which not only result in great performance, but are also better for our planet. 

The set of slides uses real examples to show how our products, services and ways of working support our vision of a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Also our latest projects such as new product families for specific customer needs and our involvement in developing a carbon-dioxide-free steel industry, support the achievement of our vision. You can also check out interesting customer solutions in the latest issue of our SSAB World magazine.

We hope that our presentation will help you to get an idea of SSAB’s essence and make you want to follow what is happening within SSAB and our stakeholders. 

Download our company presentation in PDF format from our website. The presentation is available in three language versions: English, Finnish and Swedish.

For more information, contact: brand director Riikka Friman