Higher load-bearing capacity and lower costs with new RRs pile range and high strength S550J2H steel grade

The excellent properties of the RR piles, such as splicing easily and quickly with an external friction splice as well as other pile accessories, are utilized also in RRs piles manufactured of high-strength steel. Advantages of the high-strength steel S550J2H in SSAB’s RRs piles:

  • a cost-efficient foundation structure solution for a wide range of building projects
  • less displacement and disturbance of soil in relation to the load-bearing capacity of the pile
  • reduced vibration in relation to the load-bearing capacity of the pile
  • ability to use lighter installation equipment
  • ease of installation

By using the higher steel grade S550J2H, pile’s load-bearing capacity can be added by 25 % over that of traditional RR piles. The increased load-bearing capacity of the pile can be utilized by decreasing the number of piles.

Alternatively, a RRs pile made of high strength steel can replace a RR pile with bigger size. Good example of this is the new RRs220/10 pile size, which can easily replace pile size RR220/12.5.

Figure 1. Design resistances of RRs220/10 and RR220/12.5 piles

In figure 1 above is shown combined diagram of design values for geotechnical and structural compression resistances of the new RRs220/10 and RR220/12.5 piles. From figure can be seen RRs220/10 piles better design resistance when undrained shear strength of the soil exceeds 5 kPa. Regardless better resistance RRs220/10 pile size is even 19 % lighter than RR220/12.5 pile size.
Also some other RR pile sizes are suitable to be replaced with RRs piles. These pile sizes are presented in two figures below. In figure 2 the geotechnical resistances of these RR piles are shown in blue columns. The geotechnical resistances of the RRs piles suitable for replacing the RR piles are shown in green columns.

Figure 2. Geotechnical design resistances for certain RR and RRs piles

The columns in figure 2 represent relative geotechnical design resistances and relative weights per meter of RR and RRs piles. In figure the relative values of RR piles are represented with value 1.00.

Figure 3. Relative geotechnical design resistances and relative weights per meter for certain RR and RRs piles

Technical advantages of the new RRs220/10 pile size against the RR220/12.5 pile size are lightness and better design resistance. Lightness makes installation work easier and also reduces the price of the pile. Better design resistance together with light weight leads to more economical solution.

Designing and installation of high-strength RRs and RDs piles

SSAB’s high-strength RRs and RDs piles, in combination with efficient designing, easy and quick installation, lower environmental impact than in traditional piling, and SSAB’s customer service, create a solution that is now stronger than ever.

High-strength steel benefits the environment

Using a high-strength steel grade is an environmentally friendly solution. In construction of the foundation, the total energy requirement is reduced when strong steel’s benefits are utilized. When a stronger steel grade is used in piles, the environmental impact of manufacturing, processing, transport, and installation of the piles is reduced.