CEO Olof Faxander will provide a presentation of SSAB's strategy and prospects. He will repeat the messages from the report for the fourth quarter and note that volumes during the first quarter of 2010 will increase compared with the fourth quarter of 2009, but that prices will be lower. In the strategy section, he will point, among other things, to SSAB's ambition to increase the percentage of niche products to 50 per cent by 2015. The presentation of the CFO, Marco Wirén, contains among other things descriptions of SSAB’s cost structure, in addition to the material presented in the report for the fourth quarter. The presentation also states that, based on currently known conditions, SSAB's capital expenditures in 2011 are estimated at SEK 2.4 billion. Of this amount, approximately SEK 1.3 billion relates to strategic investments. KG Ramström, marketing and sales director, will describe SSAB's cooperation with customers within product development and provide examples of applications of high-strength steels within various segments. The heads of the SSAB EMEA, Americas and APAC business areas will describe operations in their respective regions. Among other things, the fact that SSAB's share of niche products on the Asian market is to increase from 7 percent today to 20 percent in 2015. Statements regarding future conditions naturally involve risks and uncertainty since they relate to events and circumstances which may occur in the future. Thus, there are no guarantees that the actual result will not appreciably differ from what is expressly stated or implied in these statements regarding future conditions, which depend on a large number of factors, most of which are beyond SSAB's control.