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Superpowers of steel

All our steels are created for a specific purpose. Just like superheroes they have their specific characteristics that make them unique and able to fulfill their mission. On this page you get to know them better and download wallpapers, with your favorite steel hero in action, for you computer or mobile phone. Feel the force. 


Strenx high strength steel, stronger than your wildest imaginations. Can be extracted to reach higher, wider and deeper than any steel out there. Always there, standing strong. Strong enough to take the weights of the world and carry them back where they belong. 

SSAB Laser

SSAB Laser is dead flat steel. It tricks its opponents by remaining still no-matter how deep and narrow you cut it. When put under strong pressure it evolves into a plus version, takes on extreme impact toughness and becomes foldable as paper. You will not beat it, so you better join it.


Docol, the automotive shock proof road steel. Slim and flexible, still neutralizing enormous forces. Like the ant it carries weights million times its own size, standing up for the people on the roads. Lighter than lightning and stronger than thunder it saves the earth from crashing.

SSAB Weathering

SSAB Weathering got its name from mother earth itself. Born a normal steel it was abandoned to survive in the deep forests of Sweden. Once it mated an American steel called Cor-Ten they grew a patina so resistant to natural forces, that they now outlast any steel out there. 


Hardox wear plate, the hardest and toughest steel on all streets of the world. Can take beating after beating still standing to take on another shot. Never backing down for boulders, gravel or other nasty stuff. Hard as a rock but still able to bend around the corner looking for the next challenge.


Toolox engineering and tool steel, the steel that stays in shape, no matter what happens; how many holes are drilled, how much heat you put to it or how many layers it’s shaved by forces out of this world; It will not move, will not make a sound. The poker face of steels has come to save the industry. And it’s here to stay.

SSAB Domex

SSAB Domex, This undefined creature of pure steel changes shape like no one else. It goes from the thinnest to the thickest. From the tubular to the rolled. It splits and attaches, cuts and molds, shaping tiny micro particles into enormous structures and sometimes even wears an extra metal coat. 


GreenCoat colorful steel. A defender of the environment and a true protector of buildings and architecture. It utilizes the power of nature with its patented bio-based coating.  It fights corrosion, is always flexible and laughs in the face of extreme weather, all while keeping its good looks, year after year.


SSAB Form is taking shapes and forms you wouldn’t believe. Draw it, pull it, push it or stretch it. It will not break for anything. Just when you think you have it figured out it takes the form a tube, stretches it wings and flies away. It metal spins into new shapes and rolls like no other steel.


Armox protection plate, the blast loving beast. A steel so hard, tough and determined it will not move for anything. It takes the booms, swoosh and the pows and turns them into pops. This is the kind of steel you want beside you, carrying the weight and the world on its shoulders.

SSAB Boron

SSAB Boron is a double phased personality, on one hand a soft, formable steel that can be formed in complex 3D shapes. But once heat is on it will take another personality by quickly cooling down. In this second phase it becomes brutally hard dodging hits, with abnormal flexibility, without cracking.

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