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Hardox be a tipper expert
Hardox be a tipper expert

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6 ways to lower costs and boost profit

Hardox reduce weight

Reduce weight

Optimized designs utilizing thinner dimensions can drastically reduce tipper body weight – by up to 45 percent with Hardox® 450.

Hardox increase payload

Increase payload

Weight savings achieved with optimized tipper body designs translate to higher overall payloads – up to 5 tons more with Hardox® 450.

Hardox extend service liftime

Extend service lifetime

Increased hardness means better resistance to scratches, scrapes from the slide, roll and impact of abrasive materials – and up to 4 times longer service lifetime with Hardox® 450.

And it’s tough enough to resist cracks and dents.

Hardox improve fuel economy

Improve fuel economy

The lighter the tipper body, lower the fuel consumption and also fewer trips for the same amount of work – and up to 12 percent lower fuel consumption with Hardox® 450.



Maneuverability and ergonomy

Lower weight means better maneuverability and ergonomics for drivers – for the best performance and safety.

resale value

Resale value

Longer service lifetimes combined with the Hardox® brand name keeps the resale value higher, for longer.

4 ways that Hardox helps you achieve success


Hardox wear plate is the world's leading abrasion-resistant (AR) steel – and a perfect choice for tippers.


The unique toughness of Hardox wear plate means less deformation and fewer cracks.

New U Shape Design

An improved tipper body design made possible with Hardox wear plate and SSAB’s unique design & development support.

Brand Program

The Hardox® in My Body brand program is a sign of quality and trust for the best products on the market.

Want to learn more?

Get all of the details

You know the basics. Now, get all of the details. Visit the Hardox Brand page for more information and technical specifications.

Lighter even further

You can decrease the weight by choosing a chassis made of Strenx Performance Steel.

Buying a tipper in 4 easy steps

Buying a tipper or the steel to fabricate one is easy when you know what to consider.

Purchasing guide

Chose the material and thickness depending on your specific end uses. Carefully consider size, density and type of the intended load and road conditions.

Purchasing guide

Examine the quality of the welding. It can affect the lifetime of the tipper more than most people know.

Purchasing guide

Ask if the body is made of Hardox® wear plate and the chassis from Strenx™ performance steel.

Purchasing guide

To verify the authenticity of the steel, find out the unique ID number of the Hardox® In My Body sign or Hardox® wear plate certificate. Contact us for confirmation.

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