Thép hiệu suất Strenx
Thép hiệu suất Strenx

Strenx® 900 Plus

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Strenx® 900 Plus high-strength structural steel

Strenx® 900 Plus is a structural steel that guarantees a minimum yield strength of 900 MPa. The steel provides a unique combination of strength and impact toughness together with first-rate workshop properties. It is an excellent choice for advanced load-bearing equipment such as mobile and loader cranes, trailer chassis and agriculture equipment. Strenx® 900 Plus meets the requirements of EN 10025-6 grade S890QL. Strenx® 900 Plus has superior bendability and surface quality, high weldability, and guaranteed flatness, thickness and bending properties for predictable performance in the workshop.

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Upgrade to a stronger Strenx®

If you are building equipment with Strenx® 900 Plus today, consider upgrading to Strenx® 960 Plus, you can utilize the higher yield strength to improve performance even further, making the equipment stronger and lighter. When you like to discuss upgrading, you are always welcome to get in touch with our steel specialists at SSAB Tech Support or SSAB Knowledge Service Center.

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