Wagon Automotive produces complex parts for a global automotive market. In this film Mr Perello, Plant Director comments on the Docol electro galvanized ultra high-strength steel for sill reinforcements.



  • 95 percent recyclable cars by 2015

    Beginning in 2015, a new EU directive states that newly manufactured cars must be 95 percent recyclable. This upcoming regulation is placing an even higher focus on the choice of materials in automotive applications and is yet another argument for the use of Advanced High strength Steels, like Docol from SSAB.

  • Trial Material Stock

    SSAB has established a Trial Material Stock because we want to be able to provide test material in Advanced High Strength Steel for our customers. The idea is to produce the test material from coils enabling us to provide the customer with exactly the shape and form required. We can supply sheets from A 4 sizes up to 4 meter length, further we can supply slitted material , and finally we can supply coils from 1 tons to full size coils.

  • Safe cars need high strength steel

    “When it comes to cost efficiency, environmental issues and value for money, nothing can compete with advanced high strength steel. The only problem we have today is that our top product could probably use a more sexy image”.

  • SSAB and the automotive industry: Lightweight solutions for Chrysler

    Iroquois Industries Inc., of Warren, MI, USA is a leading manufacturer of stamped automotive parts in the USA. Iroquois Industries had made a front suspension upper control arm, the DR UCA, for the Dodge Ram Pick-up truck for the previous two years. Chrysler’s demand was to reduce the mass of the UCA of the Dodge Ram Pick-up Truck 2009.

  • SSAB meets the high requirements of Fiat

    The traditional customer-supplier relationship between steel makers and car manufacturers has developed into something completely new. The business relationship between Fiat and SSAB is a striking example of this. When managers of Fiat Group Automobiles use the key word “evolution”, they thereby refer not only to materials but also to the relationship with SSAB.

  • Ultra-high strength steel for high speed collisions

    The Shape Corporation USA combines the best of two production methods - roll forming and pressing. The new light bumber is a breakthrough by using the properties of ultra-high strength steels.

  • Roll forming of advanced high strength steels

    The vast majority of Superior Roll Forming’s customers are car manufacturers. “They expect that we continuously develop our processes, techniques and the products we manufacture” says Kevin Synk. “How do you do that? Roll forming a piece of steel can’t be improved that much, can it?”


Some facts about high-strength steel

Listen to our experts sharing their experiences about forming advanced high-strength steels.

Does roll forming work for AHSS?

Formability test versus tensile test


Find here Docol AHSS/UHSS datasheets. Docol is SSAB’s brand of cold-rolled steels for safer and lighter solutions for the automotive industry.