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Now you can order Weldox high strength steel in standard dimensions directly from more than 75 local stocks around the world.

The plates can be shipped within 48 hours from one of the stocks closest to you. The quick delivery is achieved by our improving systems, routines and deliveries.

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Weldox 1300

The strongest steel is now within reach
Weldox 1300.

  • Reaching for the skies - XCMG

    Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Company (Belong to XCMG ) has seen a remarkable growth the last 20 years, today exporting mobile cranes to 90 countries in the world. Weldox is the key to success. A mix of Weldox 700/ 900/ 960 and 1100 are used to make gigantic cranes, reaching up to 100 meters up in the sky.


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