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For smarter, sustainable agriculture

Get ready to see farming in a new light. With Strenx® performance steel, agricultural equipment can be both lighter and stronger. Strenx® can drive your business forward.

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Less soil compaction, higher crop yield

Lighter equipment means less weight put on your fields. The result? Minimized soil compaction, and better conditions for your crops to grow.

Reduced weight, better fuel economy

The heavier your equipment, the higher your fuel costs are. With Strenx® performance steel, farming machinery is stronger yet lighter and has lower fuel costs.

Longer service life with high performance

The strength of Strenx® performance steel means less maintenance and longer service life. It also allows farming equipment to grow in size, without compromising stability.

Just steel? Or a game changer for agriculture?

Stronger and lighter equipment has a direct impact on your time, workload and bottom line. With equipment in Strenx® performance steel, you can boost efficiency, refuel less often and harvest more crops in less time and with fewer passes.

Rise to the challenge

The future of farming is complex and demanding. Farmers both today and in the future need to produce more crops, in less time and on smaller spaces. Strenx® performance steel gives you and the next generation of farmers tools to take on whatever challenges tomorrow has in store.

For sustainable farming

Higher crop yields, with a lower impact on the environment. It’s possible with farming equipment made from Strenx® performance steel. Your equipment lasts longer, performs better, and the reduced weight equals less fuel consumption. Strenx® contributes to smarter, sustainable farming.

My Inner Strenx® - A sign of excellent performance

When you spot the My Inner Strenx® sign on sprayers, plows, trailers, telehandlers or any other agricultural equipment, you know it’s from a manufacturer who is committed to innovative design, state-of-the-art manufacturing and outstanding performance. Only products that are certified according to strict My Inner Strenx® specifications are allowed to carry this sign.
You can find My Inner Strenx® equipment across the globe.

The world’s widest range

Strenx® has a yield strength between 600 and 1300 MPa and comes in thicknesses between 0.7 and 160 mm. The steel’s consistency is a result of carefully controlled chemical and mechanical properties.

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