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This is SSAB Shape

450 hard-working machines. 21 global locations. And nearly a half-century of experience.

SSAB has over 50 years of experience in high strength steel production and design. At SSAB Shape we help you maximize the benefits of using that high strength steel. Our worldwide network of local service centers offers extensive design support, customized product development and reliablestock services, as well as a wide range of processing services that can help you develop your products and gain a competitive edge.
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Premium Steel

  • Strongest, hardest and toughest
  • Excellent quality and consistency
  • Lower weight and higher payload
  • Longer life and reduced downtime
Engineering man


  • Joint development projects
  • Steel engineering experts
  • Improve product performance
  • Design for streamlined production


  • Specialized in special steels
  • Wide range of prefabrication
  • Global presence
  • Intelligent supply solutions
Tailored steel services and solutions

Tailored steel services and solutions from SSAB

Want to become an innovation leader? Or increase your productivity and profitability without building up new operations and investing in new equipment?

Let our SSAB Shape portfolio of premium steel products, value-added services and ready-made solutions help shape up your business. No matter your size or location, if you're an equipment manufacturer or operating in industrial production, you stand much to gain.

Customized product development and engineering

Knowing how to best leverage the properties of advanced high-strength steel in high-end applications, we can offer you hands-on engineering services to improve your products. Our steel engineering experts strengthen your product development team, supporting you from design to execution as you take your innovative, more competitive products to market.

Extensive design support and prefabrication services

Designing with our advanced high-strength steels can improve product performance and increase your productivity. Major improvements can be made by considering assembly and prefabrication of steel parts during the design phase. Less welding, simplified assembly and outsourcing of time-consuming prefabrication are common results of SSAB Shape projects.

Reliable, tailor-made logistics and stock services

By letting us handle your prefabrication activities, you can avoid large capital expenditure on prefabrication machinery and instead focus on your core business. And you can benefit from the intelligent logistics solutions that SSAB Shape offers to lower your inventory of input material and thereby reduce capital employed.

So instead of simply buying regular steel, why not innovate your business? Lean on us instead of doing all the work in-house, and benefit from our network of certified suppliers and 30+ years of experience in high-strength steels. Contact us to find out how!

Tailored solutions