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SSAB Form Tube 220 Plus

SSAB Form Tube 220 Plus

Provides a combination of a smooth surface, improved bendability and high dimensional accuracy

SSAB Form Tube 220 Plus is a precision steel tube that has over 20% higher elongation and 30% narrower tolerances compared to standard EN 10305-3/5 E220 precision tube. Additionally it has a very smooth surface, guaranteed Ra value below 0,3 µm, so it is suitable for high quality coatings, like chromium plating or high gloss painting. When selecting the optional internal trimming of the weld a lower bead, maximum 0,15 mm, can be specified.

Available in circular, rectangular, square and special shapes, the SSAB Form Tube 220 Plus is always delivered with a cold rolled (S3), scratch free surface. It is typically used in applications where formability, uniform quality and demanding tolerances are important, for example in furniture industry or when automated manufacturing processes are used.

SSAB Form Tube 220 Plus is manufactured by cold forming and high-frequency welding from clean, high-quality, environmentally friendly steel using modern and efficient tube lines.

Dimension Range

SSAB Form Tube 220 Plus is available at circular, square and rectangular shapes. 

Circular 28 - 63.5 mm 
Square 22x22 - 50x50 mm 
Rectangular 35x15 - 80x20 mm 
Wall thickness 0.9 - 3.0 mm
Mill length 6000 mm

Other shapes, sizes and lengths are available upon request.

Available Standards

EN 10305-3

EN 10305-5

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