Product offer and datasheets

Duroxite® overview

The ultimate Duroxite® product for your application depends on the material--whether rock, sand, gravel or other substance--striking or sliding along the surface of your wear part. It also depends on the angle and speed of impact as well as the operating temperature.


Sliding wear

Duroxite® 100 Chromium carbide overlay (CCO) on mild steel
Duroxite® 101 CCO on Hardox® 450 for improved impact resistance
Duroxite® 100 Pipe CCO on mild steel pipe
Duroxite® 100 Wire Chromium carbide hardfacing wire for components subject to sliding wear
Severe sliding wear
Duroxite® 200 Complex carbides on mild steel provides longer service life and better wear resistance than CCO
Duroxite® 201 Complex carbides on Hardox® 450 for improved impact resistance
Extreme sliding wear
Duroxite® 300 Ultra fine complex borocarbides on mild steel providing significantly improved service life and extreme wear resistance in dry and wet abrasive environments
Metal-to-metal wear
Duroxite® 400 Specially formulated hardfacing overlay pin designed to withstand high heat in metal-to-metal wear applications

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