Customer case

SSAB Hollow sections in exact lengths and helpful customer service supports the competitiveness of customer welding steel constructions

May 11, 2021 6 min read


Case details

Product Hollow-section
Country Finland
Company STH Steel
Industry Building components

SSAB delivered around 200 tons of structural hollow sections to its customer STH Steel for the steel frame of Snellman’s new warehouse. New warehouse will be 40x60 meters and transportation will drive under the warehouse expansion to the slaughterhouse.

STH Steel is a distinguished company in the metal industry. Their head office and factory are located in Luoto, Finland. However, their markets are global. STH Steel is a fast-growing company specializing in the metal industry, whose main products are welded steel structures.

New warehouse steel frame is being built to Snellman by STH-Steel. SSAB delivers SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade (S355J2H/S420MH). It is especially designed for steel construction and meets or exceeds the requirements of standard EN 10219 and fulfills the specification of two steel grades: S355J2H and S420MH. The choice of grade depends on the customer's or designer's application and requirements. Hollow sections are produced at the SSAB Tube Mills in Finland. Most of the steel is delivered straight from rolling.

“There is a lot of benefits of using SSAB’s tubular products straight from rolling. We are optimizing the lengths so we can avoid scrap. With optimizing the lengths we can also avoid extra welding and save time and cost. Also using SSAB’s tubular products in exact lengths strengthens the competitiveness in the market. Using local Finnish products is always an asset.” Sven Grankulla says.

Two men standing beside a building construction site

“There is a lot of benefits of using SSAB’s tubular products straight from rolling. We are optimizing the lengths so we can avoid scrap."

Sven Grankulla

Snellman has kept growing their volumes and now it is time to expand their own freezing capacity. New warehouse will help Snellman to take important steps towards safer, more efficient and responsible direction. Building the frame started on January 2021 and warehouse should be in use spring 2021.

STH Steel is building the steel frame for the warehouse. During the bidding process, STH Steel’s Sven Grankulla assured Snellman the benefits of building the steel frame instead of using concrete. This will be Snellman’s first steel frame building in Kuusisaari. STH Steel made a steel frame design together with Sveco, which was too good to be passed.

“Sveco’s designer had a lot of knowledge of SSAB’s tubular products and used SSAB’s double grade on the design. Sveco and us in STH Steel made the benefits of steel frame clear to Snellman and how it would also benefit them.” Sven Grankulla says.

STH Steel for the steel frame of Snellman’s new warehouse

STH Steel and SSAB cooperation started on year 2011 and it has been continuously growing. “Cooperation between SSAB and STH Steel has grown to be solid and reliable. I know I can always reach out to SSAB and get the needed answers. Jukka Latvatalo and other functions in SSAB are always helpful and easily reachable. For us SSAB is a reliable supplier and more we work with SSAB the more we learn about their way of working and we can adapt our ways of working to get the best result.” Sven Grankulla says about the cooperation.

“I enjoy this kind of collaboration, which shows that the activity is evolving and the cooperation is intensifying. Moreover, both want to seize the opportunity to evolve.” Jukka Latvatalo, Sales Manager says.