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Deliveries for tank building already for decades

Shorten assembly times, while reducing your need for storage and large investments in production resources and equipment. SSAB prefabrication services provides you with a wide range of high quality, ready-to-assemble plate components that can fast track your journey to a competitive edge. Get in touch and find out more.



advantages of prefabrication service

Advantages from order to delivery

More than just ready-to-assemble-parts, SSAB prefabrication services offers close support from order to delivery. From the choice of steel, to the design of parts and components, logistics and project management, you get support every step of the way to ensure benefits like:

  • Shorter lead times
  • Less tied up personnel and capital
  • Optimized material and transport costs
  • More efficient production


Choose from a wide variety of steel grades available via the SSAB prefabrication factory and receive support in choosing the grade that maximizes the performance of your part or component.

We provide project specific and tailored products with regard to tolerances, composition and product application.
prefabrication service steel production
prefabrication service


SSAB prefabrication is a one-stop-shop aimed at helping you to reduce the amount of work you perform on-site, so you can free up valuable time and capacity.

With material usage and cut products planned on tailor size plates, material usage is optimized, which helps cut costs further and allows you to redistribute resources and focus better on your core business.


Prefabricated parts and components are delivered direct to your site via railway, road or sea transport. The possibility for small batch production helps ensure fast deliveries with better delivery reliability and accuracy compare to a delivery chain with several players.
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prefabrication service project management

Project management

SSAB prefabrication services include unique project management resources at the mill to ensure seamless project execution. This includes establishing project documentation, progress reporting, the handling of project meetings and thorough follow-up.

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