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Lifting Steel for aerial platforms - Strenx performance steel

Aerial platform chassis, outriggers and booms in Strenx® performance steel

Higher platforms, smaller trucks and less fuel. Strenx® 960 CR – in thicknesses as low as .5 mm – has enabled fabricators to build aerial platforms reaching up to heights of 29 m installed on 3.5 tonne trucks. When built in Strenx® 1100 MC, truck-mounted platforms can reach up to 90 m. You can also use Strenx® 960 Plus, Strenx® 960 MC and Strenx® 960 CR for chassis and outriggers to lower the overall weight and improve the resistance to loads introduced by longer booms.

Thanks to its very low residual stresses combined with tight thickness and flatness tolerances, Strenx® performance steel enables you to accurately bend components such as booms.

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