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Automotive steel and automotive industry applications

Every day, SSAB helps the automotive industry improve crashworthiness and fuel economy, as well as minimize its environmental footprint at a cost consumers can afford. We do this by developing new advanced and ultra-high-strength steels. Docol® steel grades are already being used by OEMs and tier suppliers in millions of vehicles around the world, in a range of components and applications. We partner with our customers throughout the lifecycle of their products to develop stronger, lighter steel materials — and total solutions that help drive the industry forward.


Docol steel in car bumpers


AHSS for bumper reinforcements can contribute to major weight savings, as the demands on force absorption are high.
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Being such a heavy item in the car, the potential for reducing weight on the seat is obvious. Advanced high-strength steel can benefit the whole frame in a seat.
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High-strength steel for chassis must provide excellent formability and fatigue resistance properties.
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Door beams

Upgrading side impact beams can contribute to major weight savings. For this purpose, the strength of AHSS steels provides an ideal solution.
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Door beams
Structural body parts

Structural body parts

Parts such as sill reinforcements and cross-members must have both high energy absorption capability and low weight. Stiffness can be maintained with optimized geometrical shape.
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Read our 5 myths (and 5 truths) about advanced high-strength steel

We’d like to debunk some of the top myths and highlight the benefits.

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Safer cars with Docol

Using Docol® advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) in automotive design and components can result in better crash protection, keeping driver and passengers safe.
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Docol crash test

Paving the way toward a cleaner, greener world

All car manufacturers are looking for ways to design more fuel-efficient cars. Because of rising awareness of human-induced greenhouse gases and other environmental concerns, the automotive industry is facing tough new standards from around the world that call for minimizing environmental impact. Reducing vehicle weight is one important way for the industry to pass these standards.
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Customer cases and articles

Docol in bumpers help shed weight and boost bumper performance

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Roll-formed Docol steel produces better results for off-road SUV components

The Spanish manufacturer of automobile parts and accessories Alcalá Industrial appreciates the high quality and precision of Docol® steel.

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Roll forming AHSS keeps businesses rolling​

Automotive industry suppliers are under pressure to improve — even from 100% success. By combining skills with knowledge of new materials and the demands of car manufacturers, Superior Roll Forming can develop a tailor-made process. It is roll-forming, certainly, but it also includes steps such as inserting bolts and nuts, welding and multi-punching.
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Car door beams become safer, lighter and more cost effective

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R8 tubes help racing drivers win — and play it safe

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Docol R8 tubes help racing drivers win — and play it safe

Racing vehicles have got to be designed for absolute peak performance. Yet the vehicles must be structurally strong enough to protect the driver. Docol R8 steel tubes from the R-Series help racing daredevils play it safe.

With speeds approaching 400 kilometers per hour (249 mph), the body and chassis of a drag-racing car need to be strong. For more than 20 years, drag-racing driver and manufacturer Mats Eriksson has been buying sheet metals in different dimensions from SSAB for his business. Today his company, ME Racing Service, is one of the leading chassis manufactures for elite teams in rally and drag racing.

The challenge

For the chassis, he has always used chrome moly steel, which until November 5, 2012 was the only steel regulated for roll cages in drag racing. Two years ago Eriksson began to notice a decline in quality of the steel tubes he was using. “The chrome moly tubes were not what they had been; the quality was much poorer and more uneven,” he says.

The solution

He began to wonder if there was any other steel that would have better strength, but the same weight. Knowing from experience that SSAB steel was strong and easy to work with, he turned to them for a solution. Now, two years later, Docol R8 steel tubes are allowed in roll cages in drag racing and Ericsson uses that product extensively. “Docol R8 is stronger, more even and easier to weld,” says Lena Peres, partner and team member in ME Racing. Our goal is to one day build a drag racing car using only SSAB steel,” she adds.

Customer benefits

  • More new business
  • Lighter and stronger
  • Easier to weld
Watch video: Docol R Series tube in advanced high strength steel for racing safety cages

Stockpile of steel: SSAB's trial material stock center

SSAB' trial material stock center can dispatch a wide range of trial steel materials to customers anywhere in the world within a few weeks.
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Industry spotlight steel in automotive seating

Steel in automotive seating is driving innovation for safer, stronger and lighter cars. Together, Faurecia and SSAB are collaborating to bring technological advances to the industry with materials like Docol® advanced high-strength steel.
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Higher strength steel helps lightweight a chassis

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