Customer cases Toolox - Easy-to-machine steel
Toolox - Easy-to-machine steel

Workshop friendly

Toolox® is a workable, machinable and workshop-friendly steel, formulated to ESR properties.

When using modern pre-hardened tool steel, you eliminate the need for stress-relieving and heat treatment during fabrication. This enables you to reduce lead times in your tool making. With Toolox®, you've found a friend in the workshop that can make machining easier and shorten your time-to-market.

Toolox® possesses the properties of an electroslag remelted (ESR) steel, resulting in high homogeneity and cleanliness. It makes an excellent steel choice for machining, polishing, texturing and EDM. The low alloy concept of Toolox® also makes it much easier to thermal cut and weld when compared with traditional tool steel of equal hardness.

Key features

  • Low residual stresses. Use of high tempering temperature gives very low residual stresses. There is usally no need for stress relieving even after heavy machining in Toolox®.
  • Exceptional properties and purity. This means Toolox® corresponds to ESR quality material and contributes to excellent machinability.
  • Easy to texture, polish and EDM. Our special controlled secondary metallurgy processes in combination with our soft reduction (CSR) slab casting process ensure Toolox® to be extremely clean and nearly segregation free.
  • Easy to thermal cut and weld. The effective quenchers used in production of Toolox® enables SSAB to choose low-alloy contents, making Toolox® workshop friendly.

    Read our Machining Recommendations to learn more about Toolox® in the workshop.

What our customers say

Mr. Tommy Petersson, Specialist cutting processing at Stena Components, says:

“We tested Toolox® 33 on a rack for forest machines and were very surprised. The steel was easy to work with. And the finished product was incredibly dimensionally stable even though we removed a lot on one side. We save a lot of time and materials with Toolox®!”

Drilling in Toolox® 44

Toolox® in sheet stamping

Toolox® in die forging