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Toolox surface treatment

Surface hardening treatment

Toolox® has excellent properties for processes like coating and nitriding, bringing flexibility to many applications.

Want to increase the surface hardness of your tools — and lower service frequencies and costs?

Toolox® is hard enough and strong enough to make it an ideal substrate for surface engineering. If you opt to nitride, you can reach surface hardnesses of 58‑65 HRC for highly wear-resistant applications. Or, you can coat it to counteract corrosive attacks depending on the corrosive medium while retaining a super-tough core strength that helps prevent cracking and chipping.

If you use replacement or prototype tools, you can send them out for surface treatment, transforming them from a temporary fix into production tooling. As long as the coating process does not exceed 590°C /1,094°F, the tool steel properties remain unchanged.

Key features

  • High hardness and toughness. These properties make Toolox® an ideal substrate for nitriding, enabling an extended range of applications that require high surface pressures and wear resistance. Pure material with very low inclusion content. This means you can use Toolox® 44 in the most demanding surface-finish applications and achieve A1 gloss.
  • Substrate toughness. Surface treatments like nitriding and PVD coating require high toughness. A tiny crack in the surface layer will most likely not be propagated into the substrate.
  • Easily turn your prototype tooling into production tooling. 
  • Due to its excellent properties for processes like etching, polishing and coating, Toolox® brings flexibility to nearless endless applications: injection molding in plastic, rubber and silicone, hot working, cold working, recycling knives and blades, clamping and holding, machine components and more. 

Read Applications for more information about how you can put Toolox® to work in different applications. 

Best practice poliching Toolox

Best practices for polishing Toolox®

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