My Inner Strenx® is a program for manufacturers who’ve got the drive to make the best possible timber stakes, trailers and chassis using Strenx® performance steel. But it’s also a sign of quality for operators and end users as the logo only can be used by producers using quality-controlled production techniques and for products made with superior steel.

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Top 3 reasons for choosing My Inner Strenx® in transportation

  1. Reduces fuel consumption thanks to thinner and stronger dimensions.
  2. Maximizes load capacity.
  3. Cuts CO2 emissions.
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More load on every trip

By upgrading from a conventional steel to Strenx® performance steel, you can substantially reduce fuel consumption and save CO2. Let's look at a scenario with a trailer where 1,050 kg of Strenx® 700 high strength steel replaces 1,500 kg of conventional 355 MPa steel.

This means:

  • 30% weight reduction for the upgraded parts.
  • 2% increased load capacity (from 26 to 26.5 tons).
  • 18 tons CO2 savings during the lifetime of the vehicle.


My Inner Strenx® takes you further

Strenx® can with its high strength and consistency be used in thinner dimensions than conventional steel. It makes transportation more efficient. And you will notice it in reduced fuel consumption, increased load capacity and on the bottom line; substantial CO2 savings.

Customer cases

Learn more about My Inner Strenx® and its benefits from our My Inner Strenx® members

Cuts weight

Wielton is the leading truck manufacturer in Poland. Their tipper bodies are made of Hardox® wear plate and chassis made of Strenx® performance steel. Thanks to using stronger and thinner steel in the chassis, it enables them to cut additional weight.

Saves fuel

Novtruck is the leading semi-trailer producer in Russia. Thanks to utilizing the benefits of Strenx® performance steel, Novtruck makes lighter chassis that helps you save fuel. They use Strenx 960 in their timber stakes that in the end has the same weight and loading capacity as aluminum but stronger and more durable. Designed for you to load with 9 tonnes of timbers.


Durable and safe in harsh conditions

NovosibARZ started out 1968 as a repair workshop in Novosibirsk, then a part of the former Soviet Union, but has evolved into the leading manufacturer of timber transport solutions in Siberia and the Far East of Russia. These areas have some of the coldest and harshest conditions on the planet, which demands quite a lot from both people and machines. In 2017 NovosibARZ upgraded from a conventional steel to Strenx® for its outstanding durability.

Three times longer lifetime

Güven is Turkey’s largest silo trailer manufacturer, building cement trailers from 26 m3 to 60 m3. They have chosen to use Strenx® performance steel in their trailers which has given them up to three times longer lifetime than trailers in aluminum.

30% lighter

Mitsui is the leading manufacturer of shelf racks in Japan. By using Strenx® 700 tube, they could design the racks used in trailers lighter, stronger and more eco friendly, helping the end consumers optimize their load.

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