Customer cases My Inner Strenx® program for forestry and agricultural


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My Inner Strenx program for forestry and agricultural

“We are convinced that our state-of-the-art products are superior to every other brand on the market, and participating in the My Inner Strenx™ program means added value that will support and reinforce our marketing and sales.”

J. David Señarís, head of the design department at Spanish manufacturer of agricultural machinery TMC Cancela, explains why the company was the first SSAB customer in southern Europe to become a My Inner Strenx member, and the first one in the world in its sector.

Founded in 1971, TMC Cancela decided early on to focus on repairing and innovating custom solutions for the agriculture and forestry sectors.

 TMC Cancela

High-strength steel for tough environments in highly specialized industries

Today, TMC Cancela is highly specialized in its core industries with a large product program including forestry mulching solutions and quality agricultural machinery like mowers.

“As you can understand, our products are mostly used in a very tough environment and our customers expect our machinery to fulfil their purpose whatever the situation,” says David Señarís. 
Advanced high-strength steel has a long history at TMC Cancela. 

“But it really was an improvement when we got in contact with the SSAB product program,” says David Señarís. “This was around 2008, shortly before TMC Cancela started its international marketing.”

Strenx steel a perfect fit for customer requirements

The properties of the Strenx™ steel grades fit TMC Cancela’s requirements perfectly.

“Strenx means added value in every step of our process,” says David Señarís. “From design to cutting, bending and welding we benefit from the SSAB products we use.”

David Señarís stresses that part of the recent success for TMC Cancela on the world market is a result of a totally new design program.

“We have even implemented ideas from the automotive sector in our design department,” he says. “Quality and lifespan are of course important when customers are buying new machinery, but almost always a good design makes all the difference when it comes to the final decision.”

A good design choice

And, in David Señarís’ opinion, when it comes to design SSAB’s Strenx steel really is a good choice.

“When we are able to use a thinner steel we gain advantages without losing properties when it comes to design,” he states. “Not only does our product become lighter, but perhaps more importantly it looks lighter. And we can add several design elements that are attractive to our customers.”

TMC Cancela keeps most of its development and manufacturing processes in-house. In addition to development and design, there is also a workshop that handles most of the cutting, bending, welding, painting and final assembly of the product. 

Continuous improvement and product development

“This really is an advantage when it comes to our work with product development and continuous improvement,” says David Señarís. “The close connection between all the departments in the company makes us more aware of trends on the market, customers’ experience from using our products, and also if there are any kind of difficulties during the manufacturing process.”

That’s why he is very well informed about the advantages of the Strenx products in the workshop.

“Easy to bend, easy to cut, less deformation when welding, better mechanical properties. I could go on…”

But equally important is the final customers’ recognition that TMC Cancela always uses Strenx steel. The company reinforces this connection using serialized stickers on the products that display the My Inner Strenx logo.

“It gives added value to our products, which the final customers really appreciate. They know that the combination of TMC Cancela design and Strenx is a winning concept. And we see that confirmed in our sales figures.”