Customer cases Iconic Mack Trucks uses high-strength steel to pioneer developments in heavy-goods vehicles


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Iconic Mack Trucks uses high-strength steel to pioneer developments in heavy-goods vehicles

Road transport using heavy goods vehicles is essential to delivering the commodities that people around the world rely on in their daily lives. Given the volume of traffic on the roads, any improvement that reduces environmental impact or improves safety can make a significant difference.

Mack Trucks, part of the Volvo Group and one of the US’s largest automotive companies, created a new suspension solution that leverages the properties of high-strength steel to deliver improved handling and reduce tire wear by up to 25 percent. The new suspension also results in safer vehicles and increased driver comfort.

Pioneering improvement in a long-established feature of heavy-goods vehicles

The Mack Twin Y™ Air suspension is an entirely new principle for truck suspensions that is not only lighter, but offers considerably improved handling. The design is based on a supporting arm comprising two interlocking sections made of high-strength steel, which absorb the forces exerted upon the vehicle’s rear axles in an entirely revolutionary way.

This new solution reduces vibration and increases tire traction. Not only are steering, braking ability and driver comfort considerably improved, but Twin Y also significantly reduces tire wear. Similarly, Twin Y is also lightweight and sturdy, meaning that the suspension has a long serviceable life and low maintenance costs.

Mack Trucks has introduced the new suspension on the rear axles of its highway transportation trucks. They have been fitted to the Mack Pinnacle since early 2013, a truck model designed for hauling heavy loads over long transcontinental routes in North America.

Twin Y consists of two stamped steel blades made of Domex 100 XF/Domex 650 MC*, which absorb the vertical movements of the axle through the air suspension component of the suspension system.

The benefits: Stronger, lighter more sustainable products

Twin Y benefits from both the strength and flexibility of high-strength steel and represents a revolutionary way to counteract the motion generated by the axles. This improves road handling, which in turn results in a considerable reduction in tire wear — one of the three major expenses for a hauler. A longer serviceable life also means fewer maintenance stops for tire changes and rotations or for maintenance on the suspension itself.

The new design can save up to 180 kg (400 lbs) in weight per truck compared with other air suspension systems.

The high-strength steel design also results in a significantly simpler, cleaner and more efficient manufacturing process for Mack Trucks.

*Now Strenx® 100XF/Strenx® 650 MC