Customer cases Klepp Mek’s best-in-class buckets and quick couplers require the best steel


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Klepp Mek’s best-in-class buckets and quick couplers require the best steel

Klepp Mek, a leading Norwegian bucket and quick coupler manufacturer with a 50-year history of excellence in their field, knows that best-in-class products need premium ingredients. That is why for the past 25 years, the company has been utilizing Strenx® performance steel and Hardox® wear plate, from SSAB.

Located in the town of Klepp, on the south west coast of Norway, Klepp Mek has built a reputation for itself in the construction industry for high quality products with long service lifetime as well as best-in-class safety.

The success the company has seen over the years can be summed up by their approach to product development. Klepp Mek believes that making the best quick couplers and buckets requires the best steel.

“When it comes to our products, the big challenge when designing is finding materials that can deal with a combination of forces that will be exerted on the equipment,” explains Magne Oma, Managing Director and Owner of Klepp Mek. “Over the years, we have tried many materials, but nothing has been as good as Strenx® and Hardox® from SSAB. Their strength and flexibility have allowed us to achieve products that stand up over time.”

Klepp Mek currently uses Strenx® 700 in their market leading quick couplers for its high strength, consistency and resistance to extreme environments. Klepp Mek quick couplers are certified My Inner Strenx® products.

Klepp Mek buckets are all Hardox® In My Body certified products and are designed for optimum digging properties and minimal wear. The bucket bodies are mainly made from Hardox® 400  and the cutting edges are made from Hardox® 450 and/or Hardox® 500 to ensure increased durability and low cost of ownership. 

“In addition to the benefits we see when designing, we also chose to use Strenx® and Hardox® because they are what our customers are asking for. This is also one of the reasons, we decided to become brand program members,” says Oma.

As both a My Inner Strenx® and a Hardox® In My Body brand program member from SSAB, Klepp Mek can guarantee that their products are manufactured with Strenx® performance steel, the world’s strongest structural steel –  and Hardox® wear plate –  the number one abrasion-resistant steel on the market. 

It is also a way for operators and end users to identify producers and products made with superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques for their demanding applications. The two brand program labels guarantee that the product they bought is exactly as promised, every time. The consistent quality of the steel also means security for Klepp Mek as it guarantees high quality in every product.

“Being a My Inner Strenx® and a Hardox® In My Body member has helped to give Klepp Mek a solid name in the market and has provided us with good marketing opportunities, not to mention, equipment with a longer lifetime, good products and happy customers,” says Oma.