Customer cases A concrete solution for light, durable and smart pumps


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A concrete solution for light, durable and smart pumps

When Turkish pump manufacturer Betonstar wanted to introduce new innovations in design and technology for its concrete pumps, it turned to SSAB. And in addition to Betonstar’s innovative mindset, they refused to compromise on raw materials or quality. That’s why they decided to use Hardox® and Strenx® steels to produce lighter, more durable machines that they could show for the first time to an international market at the Bauma Trade Show.

Betonstar’s history with SSAB goes back a long way, to 1998. They were the first company in Turkey to use Hardox® tubing in the manufacture of concrete pumps. This helps them differentiate themselves from other brands on the market that use SD52 and double-walled pipe.

The company has a 15% share of the Turkish concrete pump market, and uses Hardox® and Strenx® steels in its new generation of concrete pumps.

“We can manufacture concrete pumps that are both light and durable using SSAB’s products,” says Oğuz Diken, general manager of Betonstar. “As a result of the R&D work that we began in 2014, we have brought technical innovations and improved durability and weight savings to our pumps.”

In 2016, they began to implement these machine innovations in terms of both design and technology.

Innovative R&D pays off in a smart way

“In studies conducted in cooperation with TÜBİTAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, the malfunctions caused by sensors during a change of direction were completely resolved. As a result of the R&D work we conducted, our engineers completed our Smartstar application, which makes the concrete pumps smarter,” Diken says. This Smartstar application enables the machines themselves to identify and resolve any malfunctions in the pumps. It represents a significant step towards manufacturing “smart” concrete pumps.

Quality products and technical support

Betonstar prides itself on being highly selective when it comes to the raw materials it uses to manufacture its concrete pumps. Diken explains that they have requirements regarding origin and quality for the products they purchase and that they only procure construction steel pipe from SSAB.

A long-time customer, Betonstar has collaborated with SSAB since 1998 and has long experience of using primarily Strenx® 700, Strenx® 900 and Hardox® Tube 500.

“SSAB is a brand that has proven itself around the world in the manufacture of high-strength steel. And the company has supported us in every area from day one. We know we can get any kind of assistance from SSAB anytime we want, starting with technical personnel support,” he concludes.