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Today’s challenge for Mantella is to produce lighter, more durable products and to continuously innovate systems and production methods.

“Our mission is to reduce vehicles’ tare and increase their capacity, thus lowering fuel consumption and contributing to a more sustainable world. In this sense, we have achieved very interesting results, especially thanks to the technical support that SSAB has always provided. We have been able to improve design by optimizing all the benefits obtainable from Strenx® 960 Plus,” says Gregorio Mantella, Plant Director at Mantella S.r.l.


Strength and lightness makes the difference 

“Using SSAB products helps us to convey the message of quality, which has always set us apart from our competitors. In 2015, we started studying the possibility of using Strenx® 960 Plus performance steel for semi-trailer frames, with excellent results in terms of weight and durability. Strength and lightness are distinctive features of our vehicles. Our partnership with SSAB has allowed us to offer vehicles with a sleek, high-performance, lightweight and durable design, without forgetting about their appearance,” says Mr Mantella.


Redesigning with Strenx® for productivity and performance

When upgrading to Strenx® 960 Plus Mantella has taken a great leap in trailer design. Z-shaped bended beams replaced the traditional concept of longitudinal welded I-beams. Eliminating the welded beams gave vital improvements in fatigue resistance and production efficiency. The new design utilizes the high strength of Strenx® 960 Plus in thinner dimensions, making the chassis both stronger and lighter. Mantella estimates a 30% productivity improvement without the need for any production investments. Strenx® is easy to work with, both in welding and in any other workshop procedure.


Customer benefits

Mantella’s customers are demanding, yet capable of listening and understanding the added value of using high-strength steel. By using Strenx® steel, Mantella can offer its customers a chassis with the same weight as an aluminum frame, but with superior mechanical properties and improved road handling. The stability of Mantella’s frames are recognized by customers and confirmed in testing.
Mantella S.r.l.


Mantella S.r.l.

Mantella is a family business located in Lamezia Terme in southern Italy. Brothers Salvatore and Francesco Mantella founded the company in the 1970s as a mechanical workshop for industrial vehicles. Today Mantella employs 45 people at a modern facility that covers a total area of 35,000 m2, manufacturing trailers for transporting cereals, wood chips, scrap and other materials, including refrigerated goods. The company’s main markets are Italy, Spain and North Africa.


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