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Ray Adams

Regional Sales Manager, States: MI, IL, IN

Mobile phone: +1 219 689 8361

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Jim Anderson

Key Account & Regional Manager, SSAB Special Steels West

Mobile phone: +1 651 261 1887

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Lara Bizzack

Inside Sales Representative, SSAB Special Steels

Direct phone: +1 412 203 1646

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Gerry (Gary) Carr

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: SC, GA, FL

Mobile phone: +1 864-477-8585

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Tim Colebourn

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, Province: BC

Mobile phone: +1 604 219 2740

Direct phone: +1 800 663 4787

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Kathi Ebie

Regional Sales manager for Ohio and Michigan

Mobile phone: 330 502 3627

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Adela Hernandez

Inside Sales Representative

Direct phone: 281-671-1749/855-300-9591

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Carol Smith

Inside Sales Representative

Direct phone: 281-671-1746/800-723-6340

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Don Teasdale

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: AR, KS, MO

Mobile phone: +1 251 406 2509

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Fred Yoerg

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: MN, WI, ND, Upper MI

Mobile phone: + 1 412 996 9141

Direct phone: +1 715 386 1639

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Domex structural steel

SSAB Domex - Metal coated structural steels

Load-bearing capacity and galvanic corrosion protection

Metal coated structural steels are made for thin-gauge structural applications that call for load-bearing capacity and good galvanic corrosion protection.

Metal coated SSAB Domex structural steels are widely used by construction industry in various profiled building components, for example in load-bearing sheets and corrugated profiles, purlins and nail plates. The product offering features metal coated structural steels in grades with a minimum yield strength from 220 to 350 MPa with Zinc (Z), Galfan (ZA) or Galvannealed (ZF) coating.

Galvanic corrosion protection of metal coated SSAB Domex enables a long service life for end products that are used under corrosive conditions. This makes these metal coated grades ideal for big installations, like solar panel racks or silos.

These steel grades comply with EN10346:2015 standard and exceed the standard requirements by better formability and more consistent properties, which increase the productivity in workshop thanks to the stable forming result.