The Hardox® In My Body sign doesn’t only mean tippers and containers that are hard, tough, cost efficient and made from genuine Hardox® wear plate. It also means they’re manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified, and thoroughly assessed, program member. In other words, Hardox® In My Body is the right choice to keep you up and running.

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Top 5 reasons for choosing Hardox®In My Body tippers

  1. Increased payload
  2. Amazing reduction in weight
  3. Extendes service lifetime
  4. Improves fuel economy - more money left
  5. Higher resale value thanks to the sign of quality and premium ingredients


Rock hard tippers

We challenged a dump body certified as Hardox® In My Body with extremely tough challenges. Watch the video to see how the body behaves when we do our best to destroy it!

Zeb Macahan


A hard core Hardox® fan

He runs two companies, drives a road grader in the summer and plows snow in the winter. Meet Zeb, a contractor in the machine industry who probably lives closer to Hardox® than anyone else.

Customer cases

Learn more about Hardox® and its benefits from our Hardox® In My Body members

Reduced over 30% weight

Wielton's dump bodies reduce over 30% of the body weight and increase payload with over 3%, thanks to using Hardox® and Strenx® in their products. Wielton is a proud member of Hardox® In My Body and My Inner Strenx® program, which means that these tippers, trailers and chassis are certified as premium products with excellent design, welding and manufacturing using Hardox® and Strenx™.

Saving 95160 liters fuel/year and vehicle

KH-Kipper is the leading tipper body manufacturer in Poland. Taking advantage of the benefits of Hardox® wear plate, they have been able to make their tippers lighter, saving up to 95160 liters fuel per year per vehicle.

Reducing environmental impact

Carnehl Farzeugbau is one of the most coveted brands in the commercial vehicle sector. Their tipper bodies are known worldwide as reliable and cutting edge as competence is one of their main strengths. By taking advantage of Hardox® wear plate, Carnehl can make their tippers lighter, saving fuel and reducing environmental impact.


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