Life Cycle Assessments Docol AHSS steels are 100% (and infinitely) recyclable
Recycling steel

100% recyclable car materials

No matter how strong or sophisticated we make our AHSS steel, it’s still 100% recyclable.

In fact, steel is infinitely recyclable, never losing its inherent properties. It’s no surprise that steel is — by far — the most recycled material in the world. And that there will always be an eager market for recycled steel.

So as countries begin to regulate the recyclability content of cars, feel confident as you specify Docol® AHSS steels — light, strong, and sustainable — to maximize your car designs and production.

Steel can be recycled fully and indefinitely without loss of quality

Recycling future proof steel

Source: Worldsteel 2012, Recycling of industrial materials in 2010.

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