Life Cycle Assessments Maximize AHSS part designs & streamline their fabrication
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Maximize Car Designs, Streamline Fabrication

New steel grades with high formability allow for clever design and production efficiency.

Safety regulators keep raising the strength specifications on key safety components in cars — just as you’re trying to lightweight your vehicles. Fortunately, Docol uses the industry’s most advanced computer modeling to help your determine, with great accuracy, the strength of component designs that use thinner gauge AHSS steels.

Use complex parts geometries with greater confidence in fabricating

As you employ more complex geometries to make your parts stronger with less material, we will help you select AHSS steel grades for your trial testing based on local formability, sheared-edge quality, hole expansion ratios, and other key criteria for your designs.

Docol’s fabrication experts work closely with our material selection specialists to address your very specific AHSS forming considerations. For example, edge ductility has a profound effect on the risk of micro-cracks, burrs…and even parts failure. How to weld our advanced high-strength steels is another key consideration we can help with.

By getting Docol involved early in your design process, we can help avoid expensive and unnecessary problems (scrap, downtime, recalls) later on.

Greening your car production with cold-formed AHSS parts

Your production engineers want to use AHSS cold-forming whenever they can: it saves energy, increases production line flexibility, and eliminates extra steps, such as heating of components and laser cutting.

Docol has a wide range of advanced high-strength steels appropriate for your cold-forming production goals.

Docol early involvement

Why early involvement?

By being involved at the early stages of product development and design, we create a productive and cost-efficient project. When we work closely together, share knowledge and experiences, we go further.
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