Life Cycle Assessments How future car use influences car materials today
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Future Mobility’s Materials – Today

Tomorrow's car users will ask for life cycle values.

In the future, cars will be lighter, electric, autonomous and shared. Imagine the near-future driverless taxi or delivery van that runs 24/7, only stopping to recharge or get its next assignment. The intensity of vehicle use could be many times that of today’s cars. What will intense car use mean for automotive material selection?

Future cars will be lighter, stronger, and safer

The intensive use of shared vehicles will encourage auto designers to further expand their application of AHSS steels for lightweighting, strength and safety.

And it’s already happening: the percentage of AHSS steel in cars continues to rise each year.

New challenges, such as protecting the EV’s battery pack, are being met with innovative, sophisticated, and very strong designs using AHSS steels. Docol stands ready to help you meet your future needs head-on with advanced, high-strength steel solutions.

Estimated US, EU and China shared mobility market size

Comparison CO2 material


Source: PwC and Strategy, 2017.

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