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Automotive steel grades Docol - A long-term solution


The automotive industry can contribute to a sustainable world by choosing the right material for each application and using the most cost-effective and sustainable production methods.

A part of the life cycle assessment (LCA)

Steel has an advantage compared to some other lightweight materials, as it emits less CO2 when being produced. For car manufacturers using Docol®, this translates to a strong argument for sustainability. By comparing the production of steel to the production of aluminum, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and magnesium, it is seen that steel production causes less greenhouse gas emissions. Docol® AHSS is produced in one of the world’s cleanest steel production processes, which means emissions are even lower.

Comparison of kg CO2 per kg of material produced

Estimated mobility market size

Source: WorldAutoSteel.

future-proof steel for mobility
SSAB, LKAB  and Vattenfall are launching an initiative to solve the carbon dioxide problem in the Swedish steel industry
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