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Through close collaboration and early involvement in your design we increase your efficiency. We share our ideas and look forward to new challenges every day.

Automotive industry design and development support

Our design and development experts meet with customers during technical seminars, courses and development projects. Together, we develop products that can improve crashworthiness, lower weight and contribute to Life Cycle Assessment.

Ways we support you:

  • Material selection
  • Modeling and forming Simulations
  • Fatigue calculations 

Prototyping and verification support

As your design enters the prototyping and production start-up phase, our specialists help ensure a smooth production process. 

Ways we support you:

  • Welding recommendations
  • Forming recommendations
  • Tooling advice
  • Workshop verification
  • Trial material
Docol support

Industrialization and production support

Our experts can answer your questions about forming and joining, or provide insight into new production techniques, equipment or other related issues.

Ways we support you:

  • Industrialization support and problem solving
  • Forming and joining recommendations
  • Advice on new production techniques

The Docol® success index

Docol Success index

This is how you can reach success in your projects.

Docol Success index

Maintain high performance in your applications as well as cost efficiency, low weight and the lowest possible environmental impact, as shown by the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment).

Docol Success index

Docol® will allow for high performance and clever material utilization that can provide you with a competitive edge.


Why early involvement?

By being involved at the early stages of product development and design, we create a productive and cost-efficient project. When we work closely together, share knowledge and experiences, we go further.
Docol Early involvement
Knowledge service center and tech support

We share our knowledge

welding guide

Welding of AHSS/UHSS steel

This thorough guide presents a detailed overview of the most common welding methods in the automotive industry: resistance spot welding, laser welding and arc welding. It provides a special focus on welding with ultra-high-strength steel (UHSS), and reveals detailed test results and best-practice recommendations for both coated and uncoated AHSS and UHSS steels. 

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5 myths and 5 truths about AHSS


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