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Watch the test of Docol HE

Watch the test of Docol HE

We decided to compare a conventional steel and Docol HE, both with the same strength. The difference between the two types of steel lies in the size and amount of perlite. Docol HE has a finer microstructure because the perlite is more finely distributed throughout the material. 

The test involves piercing the material 50% and 75% of the way through, followed by cutting 100% of the way through. When analyzing the samples in a microscope, we can see how the material flows and what the material can withstand. The results show that the conventional steel cracks, while Docol HE withstands even the most challenging tooth with a radius of 0.3 mm.

To summarize, the test confirms that Docol HE, with its outstanding edge ductility properties, is very well suited for fine blanking.

Watch the test of Docol HE above and see for yourself!


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