Media archive Smart grabs grab more market share with Hardox®

Smart grabs grab more market share with Hardox®

After becoming a certified member of the Hardox® In My Body program, JK Technology from South Korea has seen its sales soar. Their “smart” scrap grab in particular has become its most popular product and successfully competes with other products made in lower-carbon cast steel.

JK is a leading Korean manufacturer of heavy equipment attachments for scrap and demolition, construction and forestry applications. They manufacture attachments such as quick couplers, scrap grabs, compactors, stone grapples, lifting forks, rippers and more.  

With roughly 25 employees, JK is a small company with big dreams – and a growing market share both domestically and abroad. The company has a global network in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. It currently exports 15% of its production and is on track to expand its global footprint. 

This is where membership in Hardox® In My Body steps into the picture.

“In the past, we faced many difficulties when we used other companies’ products,” says Kyu-Young Chung, owner of JK. “The materials wore out quickly, and the quality was not consistent.”

Smart grabs grab more market share with Hardox ®


After becoming a certified member of the Hardox® In My Body program, JK Technology from South Korea has seen its sales soar.

JK gets smart with the Hardox® In My Body program

JK decided to take action and turned to SSAB. They started using more Hardox® steel across their product lines and applied for membership in the popular Hardox® In My Body program. They have seen amazing, measurable results.

Their demolition and scrap grab, dubbed the “smart grab”, has cause quite a sensation. Built entirely in Hardox® wer plate, it has become a best-seller for the company over the past three years and can now successfully compete against cast steel products.

Fewer repairs, more customers

With technical and development support from SSAB, JK was able to produce more efficient products that weight less and still deliver superior strength and toughness. Thanks to high-quality, hard and tough Hardox®, JK’s heavy equipment attachments last longer and require fewer repairs. And thanks to the company’s collaboration with SSAB and program membership, it has seen an increased flow of customers.

Increased awareness, sales and market share for its heavy equipment attachments

Chung continues: “Consumers started looking for us since their impression of Hardox was so good. 
And, the awareness, the market share and sales all went up. This has helped us so much, and in so many ways, in cementing our position as the leading company in South Korea.”


JK is setting ambitious goals for increasing market share. It is aiming for an increase in domestic sales of 20-30% and an increase in overseas sales of 60-70%. The company envisions great success in the near future as it continues to manufacture quality products that can be introduced on the global market. As a program member, it will continue its R&D efforts to make strong, lighter-weight attachments. In addition to Hardox® 400, it has already successfully used other grades including Hardox® 500 and Hardox® 600.

“To maintain our position as a leader in heavy equipment attachments, we will try to keep on using Hardox for its strength and durability.”