Part of the 1100 MPa range of Strenx® performance steels, Strenx® 1100 Plus brings advances in weld seam strength that are ideal for the lifting sector. This new steel grade gives customers and end users lighter yet stronger equipment that can reach farther, increase payload and improve fuel economy. Strenx® 1100 Plus is designed to help boost overall performance and productivity.

Weld weaknesses virtually eliminated

Traditionally, weld seams can represent weak links in the highest grades of structural steels such as S1100 and S900. But with Strenx® 1100 Plus, such weld weaknesses are virtually eliminated because the strength, elongation and impact toughness properties of the welded area meet the minimum guarantees of the base material.

Advanced, innovative design options

The optimal combination of strength and toughness of the welded and heat-affected area offers a major benefit to the design engineering process. The design can be based on the same minimum static strength for the entire application, depending on the design rules. It  is ideal for lifting equipments, and advanced structures that require matching strength in the welds. Strenx® 1100 Plus is designed for the applications that require welded joints; that we don´t limit the heat input; this means they can weld at the room temperature compare to other high yield strength steel products in the market, lifting equipment producers can increase the productivity and reach more advanced design options

Strenx® 1100 Plus benefits in the workshop

• An exceptionally clean steel and a precisely controlled production process mean consistently high quality and predictable results
• Guaranteed flatness, thickness, bendability
• Tight tolerances, guaranteed
• The recommended heat input interval is very wide, with cooling times, ∆t 8/5, from 5 to 20 seconds.
• Strenx® 1100 Plus does not require any preheating when welded, based on CTS tests according to ISO 17642-2:2005.
• Optimal combination of strength and toughness in welded area and heat affected zone

Technical specifications – Reach higher and farther with Strenx® 1100 Plus

See a sample and meet SSAB at Bauma Munich 2019

Visititors can find SSAB at Bauma Munich in Hall A6, Stand 439, to view samples of the new Strenx® grade and place an order. SSAB is also happy to discuss results of its tests and analyses of the steel, provide advice on upgrading, and more.

Strenx® 1100 Plus welded tensile test specimen

• Two pieces of 8 mm Strenx® 1100 Plus have been welded together
• MAG welded with a 960 MPa consumable with Δt 8/5 of 12 seconds in 2 passes
• After the reinforcement been removed, the welded specimen was loaded in a tensile testing machine
• The loading was stopped when the necking occurred
• The necking shows where the sample would have broken if the loading hasn’t been stopped
• The rupture would have taken place in the unaffected parent material
• It is the same minimum mechanical properties, yield, tensile and elongation, across a weld, as for the parent material