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LEADER of the pack A revolutionary design for a forest harvester that improves both performance and comfort – this is what won Finnish company Ponsse the Swedish Steel Prize 2015.

THE PONSSE SCORPION is a totally new kind of forestry machine. It offers the operator total visibility and the ability to work comfortably and efficiently.

“We started the project at the request of customers that wanted to have a rotating operator cabin and we didn’t want to make compromises in the design,” says Technology and R&D Director Juha Inberg at Ponsse. 

The machine features an ergonomic cabin that places the operator in the center of all the action. This gives operators full visibility in all directions, enabling them to work comfortably and efficiently.
A groundbreaking innovation with an eye-catching design made Ponsse winners of the Swedish Steel Prize 2015.

“It’s a great recognition for all  our customers and employees and to all our suppliers as well,” says Juha.

It’s a big leap in improvement in the history of logging technology.

“We know we have a great product and the prize shows the customers just that. It has been 20-30 years since any forest machine manufacturer came out with an innovative solution of this scale,” says  Carl-Henrik Hammar, Managing Director of Ponsse AB, the Swedish subsidiary of Ponsse.

The unique two-arm lift boom over the operator cabin is made of high-strength steel. The boom was developed by SSABs Strenx 700 MC Plus together with steel casts in an innovative way. 

High loads, environmental stresses in tough terrain and winter conditions down to -40° C make fatigue a big issue in foresting. To get around this challenge, Ponsse uses Strenx 700 for the machine frame.

The high-strength steel is made especially resistant to fatigue. The harvester head is made from the wearresistant SSAB steel Hardox 500, which provides good abrasion resistance.

The high strength steel makes the Scorpion more environmentally friendly as a result of its long maintenance intervals, low emission engine technology and low surface pressure levels.

Going forward Ponsse has more innovations in store. 

“You can never stop developing in this business,” admits Katja Paananen, Communications Manager at Ponsse.

About Ponsse

Ponsse was established in 1970 to meet forest machines’ need for heavy-duty use. Based in Vieremä, Finland, the same place where it was established in 1970, Ponsse is a family company whose roots are deep in the Finnish countryside. 

SSAB steel in Scorpion

  • Strenx 700 MC Plus steel in the boom.
  • Strenx 700 steel in the frame.
  • Hardox 500 in the harvester head