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Ray Adams

Regional Sales Manager, States: MI, IL, IN

Mobile phone: +1 219 689 8361

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Jim Anderson

Key Account & Regional Manager, SSAB Special Steels West

Mobile phone: +1 651 261 1887

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Gerry (Gary) Carr

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: SC, GA, FL

Mobile phone: +1 864-477-8585

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Tim Colebourn

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, Province: BC

Mobile phone: +1 604 219 2740

Direct phone: +1 800 663 4787

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William (Bill) Connors

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: WA, OR, ID

Mobile phone: +1 503 819 9903

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Craig Duncan

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, Provinces: ON, States: VT, ME, MA, CT, NH

Mobile phone: +1 416 527 0309

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Kathi Ebie

Regional Sales manager for Ohio and Michigan

Mobile phone: 330 502 3627

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Chris Gasper

General Manager, SSAB Special Steels Americas North East

Mobile phone: +1 251 408 7948

Direct phone: +1 251 662 4434

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Kevin Kale

Key Account Manager, East, SSAB Special Steels

Mobile phone: +1 724 841 1398

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Howard King

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: Western PA, Western NY, WV, MD

Mobile phone: +1 412 694 2695

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Marta McInally

General Manager, SSAB Special Steels Americas West, States: CA, NV, AZ, NM

Mobile phone: +1 805 340 0665

Direct phone: +1 805 647 6975

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Markku Multamäki

General Manager, Americas North

Mobile phone: +1 416 435 1438

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Robert Oliver

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: OK, TX

Mobile phone: +1 254 205 8683

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Benjamin Schneider

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: CO, UT, MT, WY, NV

Mobile phone: +1 303 396 7302

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Don Teasdale

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: AR, KS, MO

Mobile phone: +1 251 406 2509

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Carl Wheeler

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: VA, KY, NC, TN

Mobile phone: +1 803 322 4577

Direct phone: +1 980-245-2534

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Fred Yoerg

Regional Sales Manager, SSAB Special Steels, States: MN, WI, ND, Upper MI

Mobile phone: + 1 412 996 9141

Direct phone: +1 715 386 1639

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Hhollow sections main banner

Structural hollow sections

SSAB produces cold-formed* and welded structural hollow sections for multiple purposes, ranging from versatile SSAB Domex Tubes to ultra-high-strength Strenx Tubes. Whether you are building lifting or moving equipment or designing buildings, you can find a suitable product to best fit your needs. With SSAB's structural hollow sections, you can significantly reduce the weight of your steel structures while gaining savings in material and manufacturing costs – without limiting the freedom of design.

Strenx Tubes are the most advanced high-strength hollow sections in the market. They will help you reach higher, carry bigger loads, reach longer spans or improve your products in many other ways.

SSAB Domex Tubes provide an unbeatable combination of higher load capacity, wide dimensional range and tailoring possibilities. SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade is especially designed for construction purposes, combining steel grades S420MH and S355J2H.

SSAB Weathering Tube family makes possible to achieve advanced engineering and construction under tough atmospheric conditions. Use of SSAB Weathering Tubes mimimize the need for maintenance and corrosion preventation treatments.


*Some grades are also available as hot finished
SSAB produces cold formed* and welded structural hollow sections for multiple purposes
Strenx tubes

Strenx Tubes

Strenx is the most advanced high-strength structural steel in the world. The naturally stiff tubular shapes help you get the most out of the strength. Strenx Tubes are available with steel grades S700 up to S960.

Typical applications for Strenx Tubes are lifting equipment, material handling, frame structures, lattice structures as well as trusses and columns. They are easily weldable and available in various shapes and sizes, including customer-specific shapes.

SSAB Domex Tubes

SSAB Domex Tubes is a product family of versatile, high strength hollow sections with numerous tailoring possibilities and benefits. They fulfill or exceed the requirements of EN 10219 and are available with steel grades S235 to S550.

SSAB Domex Tube Double Grade hollow sections are especially designed for steel construction according to EC3 and EN 1090. They have an improved buckling curve, thickness tolerance and impact toughness guarantee.

With SSAB Domex Tubes you can benefit from the low alloying, dimensional accuracy and batch-to-batch consistency to get savings on design desk and on the workshop floor.
Domex tubes
Lighter and more cost efficient trusses with hybrid design

Lighter and more cost efficient trusses with hybrid design

SSAB has a unique offering of standard and high strength hollow sections suitable to be used in steel construction, especially in trusses. Traditionally only mild steels, S355 and even lower, have been used in construction, but SSAB has shown that cost and weight savings can be achieved in trusses with high strength steels, especially by using hybrid design.
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Lighter and more cost efficient trusses with hybrid design

In trusses most of the weight is in chord members, so using high strength steels in chords is crucial for weight and cost savings. On the other hand, the brace members bring in lot less of the total mass, while fabricating them creates most of the fabrication costs. So it pays off to use milder steel grades in braces so the welding can be done according to milder steel grade. This has been proven as the most cost efficient truss design in various analyses, especially with long span trusses. Using hybrid design is especially easy with SSAB Domex Double Grade hollow sections (link to product page), as it comes with two test certificates, one for S355J2H and second for S420MH, so the designer can choose the best alternative for each particular case.

Selecting the right material for the chords (and braces) is case sensitive, but in many cases using Strenx Tube 700 has proven to be the best choice. SSAB has a CE marking to all its hollow sections up to Strenx Tube 700, also welding to cold formed corners is allowed. For more information see the design guide (link to article at hollow section landing page) and our design guides (link to hollow section landing page).

High resistance columns from SSAB’s hollow sections

SSAB manufactures cold formed and welded hollow sections, which according to EN 1993 (Eurocode 3) fall into buckling curve c (curve a or b in concrete filled columns). The buckling behavior of steel columns leads to situations, where utilizing high strength steels is difficult especially with longer and slender columns, in these cases the geometry dictates the performance. 

However, the SSAB Domex Double Grade hollow sections have been tested for their compressive strength and have been granted buckling curve b (link to document at hollow section landing page). The higher strength of the tube gives benefits with shorter columns and improved buckling curve with longer ones. The combination creates a very high resistance and cost efficient column. 

For even more stressed columns SSAB can offer hollow sections up to steel grade S700MH (Strenx Tube 700) with wide dimensional range.

New tool for designers - SSAB Domex Tube structural hollow section handbook

SSAB Domex Tube handbook provides design guidance for structures manufactured of SSAB hollow sections, it is directed for designers and students in the field of steel construction. It gives practical and theoretical design instructions for building construction but also machine construction related issues are stressed. It can be utilized in very demanding designs but also in education as a textbook. It includes various calculation examples which can be utilized directly for example in weld joint, fire and fatigue designs.

SSAB Domex Tube handbook is available as a printed book and pdf-format. Our technical support organizes technical seminars and presentations about the handbook and supplies printed books.

Download the book or leave your contact information for printed version
SSAB Domex Tube handbook

SSAB’s FrameCalc software for designing and optimizing tubular trusses

SSAB has developed a unique tool for its customers and designers for designing roof trusses with structural hollow sections. With it it is possible to optimize the truss with just few key parameters; geometry, loads and steel grades. It can optimize the truss to either minimize the mass or manufacturing costs. With FrameCalc it is easy to compare different steel grades in trusses and see the benefits of high strength steels yourself. The design is done according to Eurocode 3.

FrameCalc will shorten the design phase and works as an excellent tool in making quotations. SSAB developes it constantly, so if you are willing to participate as a test user please contact us by filling in the form.

Fill in the form and became a test user