SSAB Weathering Sections

SSAB Weathering Sections

For advanced engineering and construction under tough atmospheric conditions

SSAB’s cold-formed steel sections are suitable for practically any kind of steel structure, whether for commercial or residential buildings, machines or appliances. Typical applications are frames and sub-frames, vehicle and trailer bodies, warehouse equipment and masts.

The accuracy of the cross-sectional form and good formability for high-strength material makes it possible to create long-lasting and light structures.

SSAB Weathering Section is an open section with anti-corrosive properties, which minimize the need for maintenance and corrosion-prevention treatment.

SSAB Weathering Sections are available in steel grades  COR-TEN®  and SSAB Weathering 355.

Tolerances of the SSAB Weathering Sections meet or exceed, when applicable, the requirements of EN 10162.

SSAB Weathering Sections are available in various shapes and thicknesses. The maximum length of the sections is 21 meters, cut-to-length sections are available upon request.



Why choose cold-formed steel sections from SSAB

The benefits of our cold-formed sections include

  • Highly precise shapes in almost any desired length and shape
  • Attractive, smooth surface finish
  • Uniform and consistent product, formed to tight tolerances
  • High strength-to-weight ratio, lightweight product is easy to transport and erect
  • Common jointing methods can be used (welding, bolting, adhesives, etc.)
  • Recyclable at end of life

Explore our open steel section range

Available sections

  • U-section
  • Equal-angles section
  • Unequal-angles section
  • C-section
  • Lipped C-section
  • Conveyor rail
  • Ω-section
  • Z-section
  • Cable cover

See dimensional range below.

Need a custom piece? Visit our tailored sections page. 

Up to standard – for your peace of mind

EN 10162

When you choose cold-formed steel sections from SSAB, you’re investing in materials that meet all the requirements of European standard EN 10162. Our cold-rolled structural steels meet all the technical delivery conditions under this standard, ensuring that you only get the highest quality product.

Dimensional range

Dimensional range

Several shape possibilities and customer-specific lengths - More information from SSAB sales
Band width (mm) 27 - 820
Wall thickness (mm) 2.0 - 12
Delivery length (m) 0.5 - 21 


Steel grade specification

Band width (mm) 27 - 820
Wall thickness (mm) 2.0 - 12
Delivery length (m) 0.5 - 21 


Steel grade specification

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