10 good reasons GreenCoat PLX Pro BT - Practical benefits for tinsmiths

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT - Practical benefits for tinsmiths

Project: Mulino Di Terenzano Pozzuolo, Italy

Target: Reconstructed water mill

Product: GreenCoat PLX Pro BT

Near the Italian town of Pozzuolo, the ancient Terenzano water mill, which dates back over 500 years, has been redesigned and restored in a way that has attracted much attention. Aesthetics and quality were major themes in this restoration project. 

The goal of the Terenzano renovation project was to create an environmentally conscious building that blends a rich history with contemporary trends. Material choice was of the utmost importance in order to create a stunning result. After an extensive review, the color coated steel GreenCoat PLX Pro BT was chosen for the roof due to its many practical benefits as well as its low impact on the environment. GreenCoat PLX Pro BT features a bio-based Technology (BT) with a substantial portion of the traditional fossil part replaced by a bio-based alternative. This unique, patented solution by SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly. During the roof installation, tinsmiths were able to perform a number of detailed hand forming procedures with GreenCoat PLX Pro BT in order to obtain the low profile look. They also experienced GreenCoat PLX Pro BT to be highly scratch resistant.

Another important factor for the roof was weight. Due to the age of the foundation, the low weight of GreenCoat PLX Pro BT was advantageous in reducing stress on the old structures.

Furthermore, because of the high UV levels present in northern Italy, the architect and contractor wanted to maximize color retention by using color coated steel that is known for its long lasting finishes.

With such high aesthetical demands, GreenCoat PLX Pro BT was successful in helping the Terenzano water mill receive a flat, clean and modern roof that highlights the new construction, without detracting from the original features.


About GreenCoat®

GreenCoat® is SSAB’s brand for innovative color coated steel solutions for the building and component industry. As the greenest product portfolio of high quality color coated steel for exterior building applications and one of the most comprehensive for the entire building industry, GreenCoat® provides many benefits including:

  • High color retention and long-lasting finishes in any weather
  • Environmentally conscious color coatings
  • Nordic top quality steel
  • Easy formability – even at temperatures below zero for some products
  • Low weight
  • Wide color offering
  • Performance guarantee